“Many of our clients have made great progress since having the food sensitivity testing done with Nancy. It is an invaluable component of our clinic and I do believe that we would be at a loss without it”


Naturopathic Doctor


“I have suffered my entire life with illness, as a child and a young woman, it seemed that I was always sick. Cold after cold, countless trips to the hospital for stomach pains and lower abdominal pains. I had asthma and seasonal allergies.

When I first heard of electrodermal screening I was skeptical. How could this device detect sensitivities and allergies? I decided to give it a try. I already knew some foods that created problems for me. I was surprised at just how accurate EDS was in detecting them and many others. It pinpointed every allergy that I already knew to be true about myself, and several more. Since discovering these new food sensitivities and eliminating them from my diet, I am enjoying my pain free belly! And no more sniffles all year round! I removed dairy completely and now my asthma is gone. It has been over six years since my first EDS test, now I run several times a week and have not needed a puffer in as many years! EDS was the beginning of good health for me and for my family. I can’t imagine what life would be like if I had not discovered all my sensitivities.

Thank you Nancy!

Robin Treffry